Our 31 Year Old Dispensary Turns Modern

Steve Clavey opened our dispensary 31 years ago and the dispensary has over time accumulated more than 350 high quality herbs, hired plenty of wonderful dispensers and dispensed more than 80’000 raw herb prescriptions for the practitioners in our own clinic. But why not help everyone?

Technology has changed the landscape for dispensaries. Being personally handed prescriptions to fill is no longer a necessity. Accuracy, communication and efficiency can now be achieved online. So with www.theherbgrove.com.au our dispensary went modern. Practitioners from anywhere in Australia can access a dispensary with experienced staff, herbs that have been carefully selected for our own patients and a range that takes up three walls from floor to roof with a separate herb storage and pao zhi room.

So while our dispensary hustles and bustles with the clinking of our scales, the clatter of the herbs on our woven trays, and the light tap tap of the keyboard, you the practitioner can get down to what you do best. Treating your patients. Let our old school modern dispensary do the rest.