Partnered Businesses

At The Herb Grove we are dedicated to ensuring that the Chinese Medicine community is flourishing. By collaborating, sharing knowledge and recognising each others areas of expertise we help the Chinese Medicine community to become a sustainable and healthy place for all members of the community to operate. In this space we will tell you about our friends in the industry as well as sharing links and information to help you access the excellent services that other members of our community offer.

Our Partners

We are very excited to be offering SunHerbal’s Black Pearl pill range on our website. Steve has used SunHerbal products in our clinic since their inception and has long sung their praises. When patients have been too busy to cook up their herbs for the night, have gone away for the weekend, or as a convenient safety net, SunHerbal’s products have provided peace of mind for our clinics practitioners. Having Black Pearl available on the The Herb Grove website now provides this same level of convenience for Herb Grove practitioners and their patients. Herbal prescriptions and pills can now be ordered in the same order and sent straight to your patient with the click of a button. SunHerbal’s commitment to quality, integrity and the advancement of Chinese Medicine in Australia is renowned and we are very happy to be offering their products to our practitioners.


Simon Feeney and the team at Empirical Health have worked hard to allow practitioners in Australia to access herbs sourced and tested by Spring Wind in America and here at the Herb Grove we are honoured to have these herbs in our range. Spring Wind are widely considered the leader in terms of testing standards, species identification and Daodi. By choosing any herbs in our range with the Spring Wind label you can be confident that you have treated yourself and your patient to the highest quality herbs available. You can visit the Empirical health website here or listen to a Qiological podcast with Andy Ellis (the founder of Spring Wind) here.

Spring Wind herbs are independently tested for over 400 pesticides 

  • Tested for pesticide residue
  • Criteria: Analytical report concludes Non-Detectable (ND) levels
  • Analytical method: FDA IMP (and variant of – species dependant)
  • Extraction method: FDA 302
  • Batch recorded


We are happy to announce we are collaborating with Safflower Chinese Medicine Dispensary to help you access a full range of high quality granules, liquid extracts and creams. At The Herb Grove we believe the idea of granules versus raw herbs is outdated. Successful modern practitioners offer their patients a variety of options, enabling their patients access to the treatment method that will work best for them.

Safflower have dispensed over sixty thousand prescriptions over the last 10 years and are widely considered to be the experts when it comes to sourcing and dispensing granule based treatments. Their Good Manufacturing License(GMP) provided by the Therapeutic Goods Administration shows their continuing commitment to professionalism and best practice. While their 24/7 online ordering service, high quality products and prompt shipping offers the effectiveness and flexibility that busy TCM practitioners require. When your patient needs granules, liquid extracts or creams visit Safflower at their website