Helpful Resources

This page contains a number of documents which you may find helpful when utilising our service. If there is a document that we have not provided that you think would help in any way then please feel free to email us on

Our Tincture Usage Guide

Here is a usage guide for our tinctures. The formulas are all custom formulations used in our clinic for many years. The following guide gives an idea of how we have used the tinctures over time, the usual dosage and the tincture ingredients. You can download the guide by clicking on the link below.
Herb Grove Tincture Usage Guide (Std)

Steve’s Qiological Podcast

More great podcasts can be found on the Qiological website.

  • Preparation instructions and preparation instructions FAQ: These documents are important if you intend to use our preparation method. Please give one of these to your patient, and ensure they understand the process thoroughly.
  • Herbs that should not be cooked in metal: As you would know there are a number of herbs that are best not prepared in metal. It is up to your discretion as the practitioner to decide whether your patient can use a metal cooking pot. We have provided this list to ensure that all relevant information is available to our practitioners.
  • Key Search Terms: We have tried to make our product search act as a resource. As a practitioner you can search for herbs via their name, their action, the condition they treat and a number of other methods. However our search bar is sensitive, and there are a myriad of ways to say the same thing. Therefore this is a list of the key words we have used when describing herbs. I hope this helps you find what you are looking for!
  • Ye Tian Shi Webinar Handout