How to Order

What You Need to Know (for more details see FAQ)

  • We operate as a Chinese medicine practitioner-only service.
  • We dispense only raw herbs.
  • You need an account to order.
  • The practitioner makes their order online through the shop page and we ship straight to the patient.
  • If you would find it more convenient, you or your patient can pick up from our clinic in the Melbourne CBD during opening hours. Opening hours can be found under the ‘Contact’ tab.
  • The practitioner pays for the herbs via credit card and invoices the patient with their own pricing.
  • Our herbs are priced economically, enabling you to be reimbursed for your time and training.
  • We have a minimum bag price of $4 to cover our labour costs.
  • Our herb list acts as a reference, including herb channels, characteristics and additional notes.
  • There are a number of ways to search. Enter the most common pinyin name into the search bar, or if a herb has several common pinyin names try all. Although still in its early stages, you can use our keyword list, located in the Helpful Documents tab, to search for a range of herbs that are relevant to some of the more common conditions. See FAQ for more details.

Making an Order

How do I make my first order?

  • First of all create an account and enter all relevant details.
  • Once your account is created, you can begin making a prescription by going to the ‘Shop’ tab, entering a herb in the search bar (remember to use the most common pinyin name) selecting a dosage and pressing add to bag’.
  • Once a herb is successfully added, the ‘add to bag’ button will turn green. You can then select another herb and dosage. To view the cart click on the shopping bag icon in the top right corner of the page. The cart pop-up enables you to edit or remove selected herbs and keep track of the prescription so far. Clicking ‘view cart’ allows you to edit the dosages, and view the price.
  • Alternatively you can select all your herbs first without entering a dosage, then edit the dosages by selecting the shopping icon and clicking ‘view cart’. You can use the tab button on your keyboard to move through the dosages. Once you have edited the dosages in the view cart page, click update cart.
  • Once your prescription is completed, proceed to checkout where you can select the number of bags for the prescription, enter the patient details, choose your shipping option and pay for your prescription via credit card. Both the patient details and your credit card can be saved for later use.
  • Once paid, you can then create another prescription.

Is there anything I should know for subsequent orders?

  • You can repeat and edit previous orders. See under the Ordering, Payment and Shipping FAQ.
  • Your patient details (name, address, and prescription) are retained in your account and in our dispensary files (as required by regulation) for future use. This enables you to order more efficiently.
  • Your credit card information can be saved for future use, making checkout quicker. If you would like to know how we protect your credit card details, see the Miscellaneous category of the FAQ.