How to Order

Making an Order

How do I make my first order?

  • Create an account and enter all relevant details.
  • Find and add herbs and pills via the ‘Shop’ tab.
  • To view the cart click on the shopping bag icon in the top right corner of the page. The cart pop-up enables you to edit or remove selected herbs and keep track of the prescription so far.
  • Once your prescription is complete proceed to checkout where you can select the number of bags for the prescription, enter the patient details, choose your shipping option and pay for your prescription.
  • Once paid, you can then create another prescription.

Is there anything I should know for subsequent orders?

  • To repeat a previous order, go to > accounts > orders and select > order again. You can edit dosages, add herbs and enter new patient details on all repeats. For more information see under the Ordering, Payment and Shipping FAQ.

What You Need to Know (for more details see FAQ)

  • We are a Chinese medicine practitioner-only service.
  • We dispense raw herbs and selected formulated pills.
  • You need an account to order.
  • We can ship to the practitioner or the patient or the formula can be picked up from our Hawthorn office.
  • The invoice is only sent to the practitioner and is not included with the herbs.