Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

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  • Bai Ji Li

    Bai Ji Li (Fructus Tribuli)
    Properties: acrid, bitter, warm
    Channels: Liver, Lungs
    Key Characteristics: Expels wind, brightens eyes, calms ascendant Liver yang, stops itching, breaks up stagnation of qi and blood. Also dredges Liver qi and stops itching (e.g. for vaginal ‘thrush’).

  • Bai Jiang Can (Prepared)

    Bai Jiang Can (Prepared) (Bombyx batryticatus)
    Properties: acrid, salty, neutral
    Channels: Liver, Lungs
    Key Characteristics: Eliminates wind, drains heat, transforms phlegm, disperses clumping. Also stops itching and pain.
    Additional Notes: We only dispense the prepared form. We soak the petrified silkworms in vinegar and then bake them dry, which reduces the bad taste quite a bit. At 6g most people do not complain. Expensive.

  • Dai Zhe Shi

    Dai Zhe Shi (Haematitum)
    Properties: bitter, cold
    Channels: Heart, Liver, Pericardium
    Key Characteristics: Relies on heaviness to suppress and direct downward rebellious qi (e.g. for belching, vomiting, hiccup and acute wheeze), while cooling Liver fire. Also stops bleeding.

  • Di Long

    Di Long (Lumbricus)
    Properties: salty, cold
    Channels: Bladder, Liver, Lungs, Spleen
    Key Characteristics: Drains heat, extinguishes wind, stops spasms and convulsions, calms wheezing, unblocks the collaterals, facilitates urination. Also good for high blood pressure.

  • Gou Teng

    Gou Teng (Ramulus Uncariae cum Uncis)
    Properties: sweet, cool
    Channels: Heart, Liver
    Key Characteristics: Extinguishes wind and stops spasms, drains Liver heat, settles Liver wind, pacifies Liver yang. Also releases wind-heat from the the exterior.

  • Quan Xie (Crushed)

    Quan Xie (Buthus Martensis)
    Properties: salty, acrid, neutral, toxic
    Channels: Liver
    Key Characteristics: Strongly extinguishes Liver wind, stops spasms and pain. Tracks down wind, unblocks the collaterals and treats stubborn headaches. Also attacks and resolves fire toxicity in the case of toxic sores, swellings and scrofula.
    Additional Notes: We grind the scorpions when dispensed. Few complain of the taste. Expensive.

  • Shi Jue Ming (Powder)

    Shi Jue Ming (Concha Haliotidis)
    Properties: salty, cold
    Channels: Kidneys, Liver
    Key Characteristics: Cools Liver heat, anchors Liver yang, extinguishes Liver wind, nourishes Liver yin. Also improves the vision and reduces gastric acidity.
    Additional Notes: Please tell your patient that as this is a powdered herb the bag should be opened slowly to stop the powder from escaping. For best results open the bag upside down inside the pot with a small amount of water in the bottom and once the bag is removed quickly close the lid.

  • Tian Ma

    Tian Ma (Rhizoma Gastrodiae)
    Properties: sweet, neutral
    Channels: Liver
    Key Characteristics: Calms the Liver with gentle nourishment, extinguishes wind, controls spasms, stops pain (e.g. headaches), disperses joint pain. Expensive.

Showing all 8 results