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  • Bai Zhi Certified


    Bai Zhi (Radix Angelicae)
    Properties: acrid, warm
    Channels: Lungs, Stomach
    Key Characteristics: Warm and dispersing. Very fragrant to open orifices (e.g. the nose). Also good for frontal headaches and sinus pain, in gynaecology is often used for vaginal discharge. Can be used for sores and boils to expel pus and thus reduce swelling.
    Additional Notes: The ‘Certified’ label on this herb means it has shown non-detectable levels of pesticides and heavy metals. While all our herbs are tested for safe levels of pesticides and heavy metals, the certified labelling means that the most susceptible herbs are only stocked when they show a non-detectable level. See Herb Sourcing for more details.

  • Chong Wei Zi


    Chong Wei Zi (Semen Leonuri)
    Properties: sweet, cool
    Channels: Liver, Unknown
    Key Characteristics: Invigorates the blood, also good for eyes and headaches.
    Additional Notes: Don’t exceed 15g per day.

  • Gao Ben


    Gao Ben (Radix et Rhizoma Ligustici)
    Properties: acrid, warm
    Channels: Bladder
    Key Characteristics: Warm and releases the exterior. Particularly good for vertex headaches and headaches related to toothache. Leads into Du channel and so can be used for fibroids or vaginal pain from internal wind-damp.

  • Gu Jing Zi


    Gu Jing Cao (Scapus Et Inflorescentia Eriocaulonis)
    Properties: sweet, neutral
    Channels: Liver, Stomach
    Key Characteristics: Drains fire, also good for brightening the eyes and headaches involving the eyes.

  • Jue Ming Zi


    Jue Ming Zi (Semen Cassiae)
    Properties: bitter, sweet, cool
    Channels: Liver, Kidneys, Large Intestine
    Key Characteristics: Drains fire, also moistens bowels, stops headaches behind the eyes, calms the Liver and reduces cholesterol.

  • Man Jing Zi


    Man Jing Zi (Fructus Viticis)
    Properties: bitter, acrid, cool
    Channels: Bladder, Liver, Stomach
    Key Characteristics: Disperses exterior wind-heat. Best for headaches and eye pain, but also stops joint pain (mild effect).

Showing all 6 results