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  • Bai Ji Li


    Bai Ji Li (Fructus Tribuli)
    Properties: acrid, bitter, warm
    Channels: Liver, Lungs
    Key Characteristics: Expels wind, brightens eyes, calms ascendant Liver yang, stops itching, breaks up stagnation of qi and blood. Also dredges Liver qi and stops itching (e.g. for vaginal ‘thrush’).

  • Bai Jiang Can (Prepared)


    Bai Jiang Can (Prepared) (Bombyx batryticatus)
    Properties: acrid, salty, neutral
    Channels: Liver, Lungs
    Key Characteristics: Eliminates wind, drains heat, transforms phlegm, disperses clumping. Also stops itching and pain.
    Additional Notes: We only dispense the prepared form. We soak the petrified silkworms in vinegar and then bake them dry, which reduces the bad taste quite a bit. At 6g most people do not complain. Expensive.

  • Liu Huang (Powder)


    Liu Huang (Sulphur)
    Properties: sour, hot, toxic
    Channels: Kidneys, Large Intestine, Pericardium
    Key Characteristics: Kills parasites (especially scabies and tinea), resolves toxicity, stops itching.
    Additional Notes: Only use externally. We do not have prepared Liu Huang and thus it should not be used internally.
    Please tell your patient that as this is a powdered herb the bag should be opened slowly to stop the powder from escaping. For best results open the bag upside down inside the pot with a small amount of water in the bottom and once the bag is removed quickly close the lid.

  • Sang Zhi


    Sang Zhi (Ramulus Mori)
    Properties: bitter, sweet, slightly cold
    Channels: Liver
    Key Characteristics: Dispels wind-damp, unblocks collaterals, treats pain, numbness and itching, especially in the upper limbs. for pain in the hands and fingers this is essential.
    Additional Notes: Use up to 30g.

Showing all 4 results