Qiang Lan Tang

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  • Ban Lan Gen Certified (Stock Being Managed) See Below


    Ban Lan Gen (Radix Isatidis seu Baphicacanthi)
    Properties: bitter, cold
    Channels: Heart, Lungs, Stomach
    Key Characteristics: Clears heat, eliminates toxins, cools the blood and benefits the throat.
    Additional Notes: The ‘Certified’ label on this herb means it has shown non-detectable levels of pesticides and heavy metals. While all our herbs are tested for safe levels of pesticides and heavy metals, the certified labelling means that the most susceptible herbs are only stocked when they show a non-detectable level. See Herb Sourcing for more details.

    Ban Lan Gen is in short supply due to Covid-19. We have some in stock however we are managing our stock levels as Ban Lan Gen will likely be relied on heavily for treatment and prevention in the coming months(and supply is short worldwide). Contact us for more details.

Showing all 1 result