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  • Lian Xu


    Lian Xu (Stamen Nelumbinis)
    Properties: sweet, astringent, neutral
    Channels: Heart, Kidneys
    Key Characteristics: Tonifies and stabilizes the Spleen, Heart and Kidneys, calms the spirit, stops diarrhea, stabilizes the essence. Also used for excessive uterine bleeding and vaginal discharge. Re-connects Heart and Kidneys. More strongly astringent than lotus seeds but otherwise similar in action.

  • Long Yan Rou


    Long Yan Rou (Arillus Longanae)
    Properties: sweet, warm
    Channels: Heart, Spleen
    Key Characteristics: Tonifies blood, tonifies the qi, calms the spirit. Also augments Heart and Spleen.
    Additional Notes: The ‘Certified’ label on this herb means it has shown non-detectable levels of pesticides and heavy metals. While all our herbs are tested for safe levels of pesticides and heavy metals, the certified labelling means that the most susceptible herbs are only stocked when they show a non-detectable level. See Herb Sourcing for more details.

Showing all 2 results