Xuan Bi Tang

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  • Can Sha


    Can Sha (Excrementum Bombycis)
    Properties: sweet, acrid, warm
    Channels: Liver, Spleen, Stomach
    Key Characteristics: Dries dampness, expels wind. Also settles the Stomach and stops itch. Good for deficient patients as its effects are gentle and harmonious.

  • Chi Xiao Dou


    Chi Xiao Dou (Semen Phaseoli)
    Properties: sweet, sour, neutral
    Channels: Heart, Small Intestine
    Key Characteristics: Clears damp edema and fire, dispels blood stasis, reduces swelling and clears fire toxins.
    Additional Notes: Very large doses (over 30g) should be avoided in pregnancy.

Showing all 2 results